Custom E-Learning

Based on your organization’s long term goals and objectives, TINKTANK will develop appropriate content and e-learning process for your employees. We’re able to offer our expertise and share our collection of latest findings in a areas like visual schematics and appeal, motivation and interaction, cognitive psychology and instructional schematics. We can also increase employees’ knowledge of tools, processes and methodologies useful to the organization. Solutions will be provided by engaging participants in interactive recreation of possible scenarios, introducing them to gamification and micro learning, utilizing easy-to-understand video animations and also provide materials so employees can easily comprehend how your organization works.
For a quick and straightforward learning method, rapid e-learning is a great choice. TINKTANK utilizes existing styles of graphics, design and development while keeping the cycles short and sweet. With rapid e-learning, one can expect solid results through a quick and effective process, all at cost-effective rates. Some of the straightforward software we use includes iSpring, Camtasia, Lectora, Suite, Articulate, Storyline, Articulate Studio, Compsica, Xyleme and Adobe Captivate.

Rapid E-Learning

Mobile Learning

Would you like to maximize learning time? Then our mobile learning option would be great for you and your organization. TINKTANK will gladly generate programs that can be used on portable devices so participants have flexibility to practice what they have recently learned. Mobile learning also includes micro learning as well as performance support systems to increase job comprehension and job completion. As of now, we have already put into effect a few app-based and mobile-web solutions that are compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.
We acknowledge the immense capabilities and positive outcomes of using games as a learning method. We develop gamified learning in two different ways; content gamification which refers to the development of content and gaming elements catering to a specific learning outcome. This learning method sees game-like activities paired with the content being taught. Structural gamification on the other hand is simply gamifying pre-existing contents. This technique encourages participants to go over important content by making it a more appealing task. For instance, we can establish a point or level system to give participants a sense of achievement as they master the ropes of the organization and its industry.

Gamified Learning

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Blended Learning

We understand that a certain mixture of learning methods may work better with your organization rather than a single learning method. With adequate understanding of your organization, we can develop a blend of learning processes by incorporating a two or more of the following strategies:-
- E-learning
- Mobile learning
- Micro learning
- Spaced practice
- Face-to-face training
- Gamification learning
- Webinars
- Performance support systems
We take into consideration the importance of catering to various cultures of the world. We seek out accomplished translators who are also well-versed professionals, capable of communicating the objective of the courses and localizing it to your native tongue. While we primarily operate in English, we have succeeded in providing learning courses in over two dozen languages such as Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.


Consulting Services

We are also able to aid your organization in setting out guidelines for evaluation methods, learning essentials and e-learning standards. On top of that, we’ll analyse the needs to be fulfilled, develop appropriate e-learning subjects, implement the chosen learning management system and constantly review – and fine-tune when needed – e-learning methodologies. TINKTANK already has a number of success stories in helping companies enhance their employees’ performance at many different levels. Some of the queries our consultants can give feedback on are:
- Our organization had implemented a number of e-learning programs in the recent months. Is there any way for us to measure the results?
- What instrument is most appropriate for us to use when developing our e-learning syllabus?
- Are ready-made courses a better option or should we customize them?
- Currently, we have a number of modules and would like to assemble them all onto one platform. What LMS should we use?
- How can we manouver our L&D team to a direction of increased effectiveness?
- Is it possible for us to combine high-end simulations with software like Lectora, Adobe Captivate or Storyline?